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When Should You Replace Your Geneva, IL Home’s Roofing System?

If your entire Geneva, IL neighborhood is getting a new roof, it may be a good idea to get your roof inspected by a certified Geneva, IL roofing contractor. In general, most neighborhoods will have residential roofs with a similar roofing system due to build dates. If your neighbors are getting a new roof replacement, it may be from storm damage or the roof may be old.

Roof inspections from Next Thunder Restoration will give you peace of mind and the important information you will need to decide if you need a complete roof replacement or just a simple roof repair to take care of the issue. Next Thunder Restoration is trained to inspect roofs. The level of training and expertise sets us apart from our competition in Geneva, IL.  If you suspect you have a roof that needs repairing and replacing, go with the locally owned, highly-trained roof experts at Next Thunder Restoration of Geneva. Give us a call for a no-obligation, complimentary roof inspection.

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Re-Roofing vs. Roof Replacement

Deciding which one of these is appropriate to conduct entails an assessment of your roof’s state. Next Thunder Restoration roofing experts of Geneva, IL can evaluate your roof and explain the roofing options for your homes roof.

Re-roofing is the least pricey yet the quickest way to restore and enhance your roof appearance and condition. This is done by placing a new shingle overlay atop the worn overlay provided that it’s just a single layer of shingles on your roof. However, this process may not last long compared to roof replacement.

There is no easy, obvious way to identify if the shingle underneath is experiencing damage, like rotting and sagging, because there is no lifting of the current shingles. So even if it requires less time, labor, and material, it doesn’t fix major issues. In the end, it can cost much more after constant re-roofing.

On the other hand, roof replacement in Geneva, IL involves a full replacement coverage, especially if the roof is already on its double layer. After removing all the old shingles, it exposes the deck, and from then, you can examine if there’s a need to replace or repair it as well. A new layer of shingle is placed on the roof that will last for the next 20 years or so.

Geneva, IL roof replacement undoubtedly lasts longer than re-roofing, and it fixes all issues of a roofing system, meaning you are able to save money by avoiding costly future repairs. Although the process requires more materials, time, and labor, the longevity, security, peace of mind, and quality of product makes it an affordable option.

Best Roofing Materials for Geneva, IL Homeowners

Understanding which roofing material best suits your Geneva, IL home will make your roof replacement decision easier. However, if you have zero ideas on this matter, we have our experienced staff to guide you on which roofing material best fits your home, budget, and needs.

At Next Thunder Restoration, we supply high-quality roofing materials that meet and exceed your home’s needs in Geneva, IL. You can select from our varied commercial and residential roofing options. Some options available are listed below:

1. Wood shakes or shingles – These pose great durability but not recommended for fire-prone areas. They are relatively expensive yet attractive shingles at the same time.

2. Asphalt composition shingles – These are certainly the most popular type of roofing material. They are inexpensive and readily available in a wide variety of colors and styles. While asphalt can look less attractive compared to other materials because of its flat appearance, new dimensional shingle designs provide more dimension and interest.

3. Metal roofing – This is another popular choice; it’s durable, fireproof, costly, and requires special contractors, like those at Next Thunder Restoration for installation.

4. Slate roofing – This is a very attractive, expensive, very heavy, high-end roofing option. However, it is difficult to repair due to its slippery surface.

5. Composition slate – This is an eco-friendly option, made from 95% recycled materials. This is much lighter than slate and other forms of stone tile. It is also less susceptible to damage.

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